The Prophet and the Dove, the first novel in The Jonah Cycle, offers a first-person account of the prophet Jonah through the eyes of Benjamin, a young Hebrew born through tragedy into slavery. Such hardship brews contempt and revulsion towards any concept of a god, which makes him an ideal lens for observing this Old Testament prophet. For Jonah faces demanding roles as both a military leader and a missionary to Nineveh, the capital of the Hebrews' bitter enemy, the Assyrian Empire. That juxtaposition puts Jonah in a faith-defining quandary, for while God threatens that great city with imminent destruction over its evil ways, Jonah fears his loving Creator will forgive these Assyrians if they repent. That's one outcome the prophet cannot abide, for he envisions future Assyrian armies destroying his homeland. Thus Jonah, the righteous warrior for God, sees this mission as a betrayal of his people. He questions the heart and soul of God's plan, even as Benjamin experiences the depths of God's love for the first time. The Prophet and the Dove takes a historical approach to fill out and complete this biblical tale so that readers may experience how this epic journey may have happened. The miracles that so often relegate Jonah's story to children's fables now become gripping mysteries in a powerful message of faith, destiny, and love.  


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by Kirby Lee Davis

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