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Oct. 23, 2022 -- This comes with a lot of answered prayers! Last year I finished the first edit of this novel, identifying several things I needed to fix. Praying for solutions, I tackled preparations for the 40th-anniversary edition of The Spawn of Fashan. Its surprising success led me to move all my books to Amazon, which directed me into second editions of God's Furry Angels and The Road to Renewal, plus new e-book editions, that beloved GFA hardcover, and the upcoming annotated hardcover of R2R! During all that, I received inspirations that addressed all the problems I had with Lions of Judah -- and TODAY, finally, I completed that second edit! Hurray! Now, as I comb through the book to update the appendix, the third edit should flow into the proof copies and retail release!

Press Release!

July 27, 2022 -- For those who didn't know, Fashan Books has released new editions of the Kirby Lee Davis novels God's Furry Angels and The Road to Renewal"This should solve distribution and pricing concerns we've suffered since their original release four years ago," said Davis. "This move also allowed us to finally offer God's Furry Angels in a large, full-color hardcover, pretty much as we originally intended."

You may read the whole thing here.

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Feb.  27, 2022 -- Fashan Books began a dynamic change in the distribution of our books! With our success on Amazon, we canceled our other printing arrangements to focus on the giant retailer's global platform. A new second-edition of God's Furry Angels made its print debut Feb. 27 with a cleaner layout and lower price. The ebook soon followed. A second edition of The Road to Renewal came out later that spring, along with a full-color hardcover of God's Furry Angels. We now will focus on the second book in The Jonah Cycle, Lions of Judah.

Sept. 9, 2021 -- The Spawn of Fashan: 40th Anniversary Edition was released on Amazon.com. In the USA, the paperback ranked #312 on its first Fantasy Gaming book sales list. It then went downhill, closing its first week at #1,080. But with its first day on Amazon Japan, the book hit #1 on both the Foreign Language Fantasy Gaming book sales and wish lists. After several days in the first or second position, the paperback ended its first week at #20 on the sales chart, #3 on that wish list, and #21 on the overall SF/fantasy book wish list! Spawn ended its second week at #50 on the Foreign Language Fantasy Gaming sales list, but remained in the top 10 on the Foreign Language Fantasy Gaming wish list, at #8. This second week marked when Amazon integrated corrective Day 2 tweaks to the published edition, which promises to turn all those first-week sales into collector items. Writer Kousaku Akano also started work that second week on a Japanese translation for those who purchase copies; that may account for another surge in sales, lifting Spawn to #4 on Amazon Japan's Foreign Language Fantasy Gaming sales list.  .

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Feb. 16, 2021 -- I just finished the first thorough edit of Lions of Judah, my sequel to The Prophet and the Dove. It took longer than I anticipated, at times stretching my patience. I expect a few more passes will follow, but hopefully these will proceed well. Perhaps it will debut around Easter…. or else I may jump to Book Four. Interesting, huh? 

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June  28, 2020 -- This is just about done... check it out for yourself!