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Kirby Lee Davis is an award-winning journalist, photographer, and graphic designer... or at least he was, until his office closed and he decided to focus on his books.

This 1982 University of Oklahoma graduate formally broke into the media sector as an entrepreneur, syndicating film reviews to eight different newspapers while polishing his first, still-unpublished fantasy novels. Since then, his byline appeared in multiple newspapers, magazines, and wire services, along with a few regional newsletters and websites. A lifelong Christian, this singer/songwriter has organized and performed in several benefit concerts, played the lead role in a one-act play penned by his hand, served several nonprofit organizations, and mentored many a young professional. Within his books, games, and lyrics, you’ll see the influence of Jesus Christ, the Beatles, C.S. Lewis, Bugs Bunny, Mr. Spock, Bill Watterson, Groucho, and countless other forces.

Kirby used a series of blogs to share his dream of a career as an author. You may read these blogs here: 

God’s Furry Angels and its companion book, A Year in the Lives of God’s Furry Angels, were his first published novels. Both feature his prose and photos. He's often called The Road to Renewal his To Kill a Mockingbird... only he knows what that means. Publication of The Prophet and the Dove marks the launch of The Jonah Cycle, the first novel series he wrote in his professional career. Unrolling that should occupy his waking hours for the next few years... unless he gets pulled into another God's Furry Angels annual or a musical. Stay tuned.

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