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Innocent lovers! Relentless pursuers! Intrepid heroes! Heartless killers!


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One epic read!


It may seem cheesy, opening with old-fashioned hype. But since such talk really fits this romantic adventure, and it's just so much fun, let's have a bit more!

Trapped between two armies blocking the only way home!

Now we're truly diving into the plot! Lions of Judah is the second novel in The Jonah Cycle, a biblical fiction series by Kirby Lee Davis set in a turbulent Old Testament era. This fast-paced adventure begins two decades after Book One. The story:


Death stalks two young lovers as resurgent Assyria invades the northern kingdom of Israel, just as Jonah predicted. Cornered deep behind enemy lines, a Judean shepherd family makes a desperate bid to escape. Both armies pursue the fugitives, for they have taken the beautiful princess of Samaria. And everyone eyes the shadows for the most feared of hunters, a lion facing his own death threats.


In that, Lions of Judah tips its hat to another beloved novel by Davis, God's Furry Angels. Like that playful allegory, Lions of Judah presents a wonderful fantasy twist: a feline viewpoint!


Note: while it is not necessary to read The Prophet and the Dove – Book One in The Jonah Cycle – before tackling Lions of Judah, new readers adverse to the mystery may find helpful background information in this novel’s Afterward and Glossary.

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