At least once in life we face a trial by fire that threatens everything we hold dear. Some people draw strength from such sieges, while others suffer scars that never fade.

Reflective of yesteryear’s screwball farces, The Road to Renewal opens within the life of a newspaper humorist shaken by divorce. While seeking to hold his life and family together, our protagonist crosses paths with a younger believer battling his own personal demons. This launches a three-day cascade of trials and tribulations that forces both men to question their faith and hope. Each is sure their lives can get no worse, only to be proven wrong again and again.

The book’s tone undergoes dramatic change through its 280 pages. As much tragedy as comedy, The Road to Renewal delivers a rare Christian tale for believers and nonbelievers alike, with engaging scenes that draw frequent laughs amidst their escalating conflict. The novel ends with a contemplative call that will move readers for years to come. 


The Road to Renewal should appeal to teen and adult audiences.

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