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Now available in ebook, paperback, and a glorious annotated hardcover!

It's the life crisis everyone dreads – a trial by fire that threatens all we hold dear.


This lays at the heart of The Road to Renewal, a rollercoaster plunge through heartache, seduction, and death.


Struggling to survive his divorce, newspaper reporter/humorist James Harrigan rejoices to take his daughters on a rare afternoon trip to the zoo. In a routine stop for gas and snacks, this whimsical Christian meets a young believer battling his own demons. Their encounter jumpstarts three days of building obstacles that force both men to question their faith and hope.


The Road to Renewal delivers a rare Christian tale for believers and nonbelievers alike. Author Kirby Lee Davis mixes comedy, childlike wonder, and social trauma with engaging scenes that draw frequent laughs amidst escalating conflict. This tragedy ends with a contemplative call that will move readers for years.


“This is an enjoyable book to read, filled with humor, quirky adventures, and unexpected twists and turns of life,” one reader wrote at “The book provides inspiration for readers rarely encountered in novels these days,” said another review. “A poignant, thoughtful, and resilient tale.”


The Road to Renewal should appeal to teen and adult audiences. This second edition comes in Kindle, paperback, and annotated versions. That hardcover boasts 90-plus pages of historical notes, theological essays, and insights into the author’s writing tactics, including the cover teaser:


Three days. Two guys.

One lives. One dies.

A father who struggles

To survive his divorce.

A son whose troubles

Allow no remorse.

A sinner who battles

To dig his way out.

A believer whose trials

Leave no room for doubt.

Three days. Two guys.

One lives. One dies.

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