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At least once in our lives, we face a trial by fire that threatens all we hold dear. Some people draw strength from such sieges; others suffer scars that never fade. Such challenges lay at the heart of The Road to Renewal, a rollercoaster plunge through heartache, seduction, and death. 

Set in the late 1990s, this novel opens within the mind of a Christian father shaken by depression and divorce. Struggling to keep his shattered life and family together, the small-town reporter/humorist crosses paths with a young believer battling his own demons. Their encounter jumpstarts a three-day cascade of trials and tribulations that force both men to question their faith and hope. 

The Road to Renewal delivers a rare Christian tale for believers and nonbelievers alike, with engaging scenes that draw frequent laughs amidst their escalating conflict. Author Kirby Lee Davis weaves this drama with a unique mix of slapstick and satire, spiritual wisdom, childlike wonder, and the chaotic twists and turns that define our modern age. The novel ends with a contemplative call that will move readers for years to come. 

This second edition of The Road to Renewal should appeal to teen and adult audiences. Christian fiction, 224 pages.