This is a rarity in modern literature: two novels published at the same time on the same subject by the same author, with wildly different styles and contexts. One could be compared to a Pixar or Disney tale, the other a collection of watercooler anecdotes or newspaper comic strips in written form.


Our centerpiece, God's Furry Angels, reveals the playful adventures of Bridget, a wide-eyed kitten growing up in a budding American family. Told through the eyes of two newlyweds, an aging pet shop caretaker, a scarred street survivor, a loving hound, a wizened narrator, and that curious, irrepressible kitten, these interwoven tales explore the thrills of discovery, the pleasures in learning, and the simple enchantments revealed through daily living. Readers feel the peace that comes with contentment, see the unrest that follows complacency, and fight the struggles that flow from temptation and ambition. Above all, God’s Furry Angels reminds us of the rich fulfillment found in forgiveness and love, and the roles all creatures play in God's great plan. Multiple photos augment the lively text, helping make God's Furry Angels a fun adventure for all ages.

Its companion book, A Year in the Lives of God's Furry Angels, sets traditional narrative aside for a daily diary of life-shaping escapades. Its tales range from frisky pet pranks and random slapstick to heartfelt passion and death's touch. This illustrated calendar weaves together events that take place before, during, and after those in God's Furry Angels, using an easy-to-read style that augments its source book while providing its own entertaining sagas.

Wonderfully illustrated with enchanting photos by the author, God's Furry Angels and A Year in the Lives of God's Furry Angels deliver the kind of feel-good experience you'll look forward to reading in your treasured downtime, around a cozy fire with a pot of tea or cup of cocoa, or out loud to your beloved children.