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Thank you for your interest and support!

This is an independent production.

As a small business, we have limited distribution

and marketing resources.

So if you like one or more

of these books, please consider giving copies to your friends

and loved ones.

Tell others what you appreciated about these tales, what moved you, and the lasting impressions.

Post reviews on reader

and retailer websites.

Such reviews are extremely helpful to our marketing efforts! 

Ask for these novels

at your favorite bookstore, and encourage them to stock them

on their shelves.

Please help us spread

the message, so that we may continue our efforts.

Thank you so much!

We appreciate it!

"God's Furry Angels" paperback cover
"A Year in the Lives of God's Furry Angels" book cover
"The Prophet and the Dove" book cover
"The Road to Renewal" book cover
"The Spawn of Fashan" book cover
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