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JULY 29, 2018 -- The team behind the God’s Furry Angels novels will celebrate the first birthday of these awe-inspiring books with a global “Save Bridget Day” contest on Sept. 17.


Now, in saying that, the team – which is primarily the author, photographer, editor, designer, publisher Kirby Lee Davis – you can add all sorts of other titles if you like, though we’d rather you didn’t since this is a family publication – and after all and besides all that, there have already been plenty of other titles heaped on him for years now, so what’s the point of adding more – anyway, the team is primarily Davis and those who support him, a pugnacious bunch that you probably wouldn’t recognize in other settings because they’re much more sane when not confronted by Davis’s curious yet somewhat endearing nuances, which won’t be detailed here because the list would just go on and on and you’d be bogged down by… well, it’s best not to bring that up just yet.

Save Bridget Day 1 JPG.jpg

So back to the team – which is primarily Davis and those who can put up with him on an ongoing basis, which believe me is an extremely patient and forgiving crowd. I mean, you should see some of the things he’s done to or around them over the last 12 months. It’s amazing! There was that one time… well, it’s best not to bring that up just yet, either.


As I was saying, the team – you know who I mean – understands that this date’s a bit of optimistic cheating, since God’s Furry Angels wasn’t officially published until this last February, and A Year in the Lives of God’s Furry Angels a few months after that. So there’s no real birthday here. Indeed, Sept. 17 is not even Bridget’s birthday, but rather the day she was (SPOILER ALERTS!) saved in that mythical northeastern Kansas world where God’s Furry Angels took place. But as Davis anticipates with all certainty that the books will indeed have birthdays – indeed, he’s counting on many – he decided to celebrate that first one in advance, thinking such a stunt shouldn’t stop him from celebrating again when the actual birthday rolls around… which is another complicated issue. Suffice it to say, he likes chocolate cake. And he knows chocolate cake will be served on the birthday. So why not have as many birthdays as possible? Yes, that’s the ticket.

But I was asked here to write a press release, not talk about the wondrous qualities of chocolate cake, for there really are too many to account for, you know. Like all the different ways you can cure diseases with chocolate cake. I once rubbed said cake on a mole daily for a week until it was gone. The cake, that is. Never did that again; waste of good cake. But that’s another subject. I once cured my insnophulufugus with a single bite of (drum roll) chocolate cake (rim shot!). These cakes blow up well, too. Believe me, that’s really cool, and not just on July 4. And it’s so amazing to see! There was this one time that we took a chocolate cake and put it under my second-grade teacher’s… well, I’ll tell you later. Not certain the warrants have expired for that one.


Before you cynics scoff too much, understand that we’d already eaten our fair share of cake that day, or I agree, we never would have blown it up. I’m sure the rest of you already figured that out.


Anyway, like I was saying, the team behind the God’s Furry Angels novels will celebrate the first birthday of these awe-inspiring feel-good books with a global “Save Bridget Day” contest on Sept. 17. Great things are planned. I’d share them with you, but I’m apparently out of space, so watch for details to come! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

All kidding aside...

TULSA (July 31, 2018) – On Sept. 17, Fashan Books will host a social media contest around its God’s Furry Angels novel series. 


Sept. 17 marks the climactic turn in God’s Furry Angels, when the young protagonist/kitten Bridget is saved from certain death. By joining in this event, fans get a chance to help “save” this beloved feline and support the series’ startup publisher.


Participation is open to anyone able to post an online “selfie” on Sept. 17 with one of these books. Entrants must complete two steps on that date: 

•    Post one or more photos of themselves holding a copy of either God’s Furry Angels or its companion novel, A Year in the Lives of God’s Furry Angels, marking the post for the series (ex. #godsfurryangels). 

•    Email a link or copy of one such post for verification to The email must include a mailing address and contact information for prize delivery. Limit one per family, residence, or email address.


The first 50 verified participants (limited one prize per family, residence, or email address) will receive either a limited-edition print, poster, bookmark, or other book-related item signed by the author. Select fan posts will be shared on the God’s Furry Angels Facebook or Instagram pages, and may be reprinted at


Participants also will be entered into the God’s Furry Angels Fan Roster, making them eligible for future promotions. Fashan Books intends to publish several additional books over the next few years, with the third novel by author Kirby Lee Davis coming out this fall.

Fashan Books will augment this contest with interactive social media quizzes posted in the weeks leading up to Sept. 17. Other tie-in events also may take root.


“We wanted to do something to thank everyone who’s supported us thus far,” said Davis, the principal behind Fashan Books. “Ours is a small, independent production, with limited distribution and marketing resources. Every time a reader or fan shares what they like about our books, it helps us in ways we could never accomplish by ourselves. The shared reviews, comments, and photos, they really do work to save Bridget, Jessica, Jason, Butch, and all the rest. We couldn’t continue our efforts otherwise.”


The illustrated novel God's Furry Angels, released in February, bridges many genres: fantasy, contemporary, humor, action/adventure, supernatural, spiritual, allegory. This engaging coming-of-age saga tells its tale not just with words, but photographs, all by Davis. The ebook features 28 images, the paperback 61. They help make God's Furry Angels a satisfying novel for all ages. A review by praised the book as "Timeless... It will sink into your soul... It is a pure delight... Simply beautiful.” 

Its companion book, A Year in the Lives of God's Furry Angels, released May 8, adds to the fun by sharing daily highlights, mishaps, and other events impacting these characters before, during, and after those told in God's Furry Angels. That narrative also weaves its magic with pictures.


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