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Yea! It's Save Bridget Day!

It actually is!

Hurray! It's here!

For those who missed the word, Fashan Books WAS celebrating publication of its God’s Furry Angels novel series with a six-week social media event. But those weekly events wrapped on Sept. 16, so now we're down to the big event: Sept. 17, that climactic date in God’s Furry Angels when the young protagonist/kitten Bridget is saved from the murderous Scarface. This event gives you the chance to help “save” this beloved feline and support the series’ startup publisher. 


The weekly Treasure Hunt
Help Us Save Bridget JPG A.jpg

Over. Done with. Let's move on!

Save Bridget Day!

We wrap things up on Sept. 17 -- TODAY -- with a selfie contest! Entrants must complete two steps on that date: 


• Post one or more photos of themselves holding a copy of either God’s Furry Angels or its companion book, A Year in the Lives of God’s Furry Angels, marking the post for the series (ex. #godsfurryangels).

• Email a link or copy of one such post for verification to The email must include a mailing address and contact information for prize delivery. We’ll then attempt to verify the post! 


That’s all it takes! The first 50 verified participants on Sept. 17 (limited one prize per family, residence, or email address) will receive either a limited-edition print, poster, bookmark, or other book-related item signed by the author. Select fan posts may be shared on Facebook or the God's Furry Angels Instagram page, and may be reprinted at


Participants also may be entered into the God’s Furry Angels Fan Roster, making them eligible for future promotions. Fashan Books intends to publish several additional books over the next few years, with the third novel by author Kirby Lee Davis coming out this fall.


For more information, watch our Facebook and Instagram posts, although they'll probably just direct you here. But you never know...

So you heard our first announcement was rather silly...

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