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A synopsis, and more...

The illustrated novel God's Furry Angels bridges many genres: fantasy, contemporary, humor, action/adventure, supernatural, spiritual, allegory. It opens with the death of Jessica Ferguson's longtime cat, Sebastian, an alpha male known for playful, protective antics. Her husband John didn't mind Sebastian's passing so much, for that feline loved to tease him and other newcomers in Jessica's life, and the old cat's death eased a budget strained by his wife's pre-med school bills. But he shares Jessica's pain, and so to soothe her broken heart, John gives her a shiny porcelain figurine resembling her lost friend, with the promise of a real cat as soon as they can afford one. That's when strange occurrences start shaking the Ferguson household, mimicking the nuisances Sebastian was known for. These renew the anguish of his passing until John finds a solution he didn't expect and cannot refuse: the chance to bring home a real kitten at a very, very reasonable price. Just how Bridget entered that picture, and why she was so readily available, ties many other characters into this engaging coming-of-age saga. God's Furry Angels tells its tale not just with words, but photographs, all by author/photographer Kirby Lee Davis. The ebook features more than 24 images, the paperback more than doubles that. Either case, they help make God's Furry Angels a satisfying novel for all ages. Its companion book, A Year in the Lives of God's Furry Angels, adds to the fun by sharing daily highlights, mishaps, and other events impacting these characters before, during, and after those in God's Furry Angels. This narrative also weaves its magic with pictures amidst the prose.

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