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The Night I'll Never Forget

Every night I see her tears

In the back of my dreams,

Pouring from her heightened fears,

And those horrid screams.

I still feel the cold breath of death that crept across that bitter night

And I can’t help wondering, was it right? Was it right? 


He mumbles all those hateful words,

Staggering up that stair.

She ignores his foul drunkards,

But can’t escape his glare.

I didn’t know she could fight like that as he threw her across that torn-up bed

Then I saw her weaken, and I feared she was dead. 


I charged out from my hiding place

And gazed into his murderous face

And promptly lost my vengeful pace 

As he turned his wraith my way.

Then two blasts rang through the night

And he fell with a terrible fright

From my gun she aimed with spite

To finally end his sway.


I gazed into his cold, dead eyes 

And realized his rage

Was just a very poor disguise

For insecurity’s cage.

I heard my gun just fall to the floor as she turned to leave us all behind,

And that’s when it hit me: there’s no love in her black mind. 


That’s the night I’ll never forget

When I learned what cheaters regret

And I saw that deadly intent 

Is just a point of view.

That’s the night that I grew wise

To how her charms could cover lies  

And why I did not recognize 

That pain was all she knew.


Now I lay on this cold, stiff cot

And curse my bitter fate,

Reliving all the lines she’d shot

Until I took her bait.

I can’t believe I drew this wrap when that witch got off just all scot-free,

But I guess that’s what happens when a badge proves a great patsy.

-- Words and music copyright October 2015, Kirby Lee Davis


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