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The Spawn of Fashan

40th Anniversary Edition

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The Loonie's favourite game

June 14, 2023 - Four out of five stars at, Sweden 


...So why do I recommend it for rpg-makers? Because this edition include the whole story how this game came to be. The author wanted first to write about a fantasy world of his own, but suffered from a writer's block, but then he came across D&D and saw roleplaying games as a mean to overcame the block. Although he wasn't satisfied with D&D so he went on to create "Spawn of Fashan" a sort of advanced D&D taking place in the world Fashan....

-- Magnus Karlsson, verified purchase

There's a game in here, somewhere

Feb. 23, 2022 - Three out of five stars at 


Spawn of Fashan was the target of some legendary, scathing reviews when it originally came out. I bought this edition knowing this, and, sure enough, it didn't disappoint on that score. It is a chaotic mess of a game.

That said, I commend the author for publishing his own game in an era before commodity home printers or publishing sites like lulu. I will never play Spawn of Fashan, but it does look like a more dedicated archaeologist could find a way to understand the rules. If so, it might even be fun.

-- M. W. Perry, verified purchase

This 40th Anniversary Edition is a tremendous collectable.

Oct. 11, 2021 - Five out of five stars at 


This 40th Anniversary Edition is a great value and a tremendous collector's edition. Great investment for the sci fi collection. I particularly enjoy the introduction and history contained therein.

-- Dana Davis, verified purchase

Unique Treasure

Oct. 6, 2021 - Five out of five stars at 


This is an amazing find. My husband is a D&D fanatic and this is on display in our living room. Such a unique treasure for any gamer. This would make an awesome Christmas gift.

-- Katie

Legible copy: a real treasure

Sept. 30, 2021 - Five out of five stars at 


Spawn of Fashan has been a fave of mine since e'en afore I got my first copy. Back in the Compleat Strategist's order catalogue, SofF was listed, but I ne'er could get one.

Decades (and a fancy electronic copy of ill-repute) later, I were hooked, I were.

Now wiff me four softback copies, I can share me love of Spawn of Fashan with others.

-- Bonnie Engles, verified purchase

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