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Put Your Faith in the Lord

So your news feed is full of terrible things!  

Your family gets pulled by too many strings!  

And there never seems enough money to get through the day!  

Your broken down car is ready to die.

Your home is too small. Your kids want to fly!  

And the bills have turned your hair a premature gray!

I know you’re wonderin’ what the hell you can do 

To get this mess all turned around.

I have no answers, just a guide to send you to,

One to lead you to solid ground!


In fact, He made it! The ground, I mean. But I could perhaps add this, since I find myself telling myself this all of the time… I mean, like every time I look in the mirror or I get on Facebook and I see all this political garbage, and I just want to shout…


Hey you!  All of you Christians! 

Why is all of this harping coming out of your head?

Are you truly so blinded by the webs the world’s spinning 

That you can’t see the heartache that your grousing may spread?   

If you studied your Bible, you’d know we’re destined for trouble.

Yet God will ever uphold us as we pass through each day.

So let go of your worries and practice all of your patience. 

Put your faith in the Lord and let Him show you His way!


I know you think this is crazy, but so is your mad ambition,

Seeking all the world’s treasures that you really don’t need.  

Why don’t you set an example that those around you may follow? 

Show them you’ll always love them, as Christ’s gift has decreed. 

Seek first God’s kingdom, and learn the truth of His wisdom.

Know our time here is precious, and could end any day.

Then let go of your worries, and learn the meaning of freedom!

Put your faith in the Lord, and let Him show you His way!

Put your faith in the Lord, and let Him show you His way!

— words and music copyright September 2016, Kirby Lee Davis

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