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The heart of the matter

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

And now for something completely different: ministry! SPOILER ALERT: if God talk offends you, stop now. But if not, let us behold the delicate beauty of a flower!

Gaze upon it and remember that you - every fiber of you - bears this same beauty. It thrives within you, just as individual and oh so unique. It bears the fingerprint of God and His love, endowed by Him into every cell, every molecule, every particle of matter. For He bestowed Himself upon His creation, from which all life arises. He does this not just at the beginning, but today and tomorrow, with the birth of every cell, thought, and breath. His stamp lies upon every facet of you, a miracle of animated matter and eternal spirit, and in His love, He gave you the freedom to take this gift and go forward to explore His creation. He allows you to discover this for yourself, to grow and develop through your own thoughts and actions, even if it leads you from Him. For in these endeavors, lessons, and trials, it becomes oh so easy to forget your past, to take for granted or even lose sight of what thrives within and around you. But take heart! There is ever hope!

If you find yourself in doubt, confused, or angry, if you feel despair or loss, and you can't see the value in your life or purpose in your heart, stop what you are doing. Take a deep breath, then another, continuing this simple exercise until the emotions that guide you subside. Clear your mind and step out to find a quiet haven in nature, a restful place away from man's devices and motivations. When you reach this sanctuary, breathe deep anew and look around you, not with the limited perspective of your earthly aims or knowledge, but with the broadest concepts of life and love you may find within and about you. Then you, too, may gaze upon youself and see the beauty... the soul He loves.

Once you stand firm in that stronghold, once you acknowledge Him anew, consider what led you away from His presence. Discard those false aims, guides, or paths, and dwell with your God evermore. Offer forgiveness and compassion to His other sons and daughters, so that they may see His light in you, and find their way home.


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