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Our next big step...

Here’s a head’s up for my followers!

With this blog, we enter a new stage in my novel-publishing adventure. While I have more books to release, my standing “fleet” – as I call the Fashan Books catalog – has enough substance and diversity to support increased promotion. That begins now with our first press release in four years. You may find it under the “news” tab at, although if you’ve followed my posts over the last several months, you probably already know what it contains. But the next ones may surprise you as we ramp up efforts to reach readers across the Christian fiction landscape.

All this reflects my general publishing strategy: to focus not on short-term bestsellers but instead build a steady, loyal readership for a growing stable of enduring titles. Though much work remains ahead, our “stable” now includes four books bridging many different genres. They’re all at, which boosts our availability and quality. All draw support from a constantly evolving website ( chocked full of value-added possibilities for readers. New editions of God’s Furry Angels and The Road to Renewal also boast more affordable prices, important achievements in this inflationary age. And God's Furry Angels is finally available in a full-cover hardcover – fulfilling a longtime goal!

What does this mean for my friends on Instagram, Facebook, and other such outlets? Fewer Kirby Lee Davis posts, at least for the short term. I’ll still share the best of my photos, songs, and other novelties, but posts will slow as I turn more energies to book editing and marketing. My followers also may notice a brighter spotlight on my writing.

That leads us to the horizon! Lions of Judah, book two in The Jonah Cycle, will join the fleet for this Christmas season. Japanese enthusiasts also spurred us to update The Spawn of Fashan with the foundation for a complete game. It might sneak in before Christmas as well, though I wouldn’t bet on it.

Next year will bring the second edition of A Year in the Life of God’s Furry Angels, the parallel novel to God’s Furry Angels. Books three and four in The Jonah Cycle also will advance alongside another Spawn expansion. And that should carry us into more game releases and mugs, T-shirts, a book on my song lyrics… the future’s wide open!

We hope all of this excites you as much as it does us. Have a great day!


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