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Going horizontal

God's Furry Angels' new editions achieve what once seemed a dream: a beautiful hardcover worthy of the family coffee table, with one or more full-color images revealed with every turn of a page!

This underscored my initial goal for this beloved family novel. I pursued this for almost two years, but not one printer, domestic or otherwise, could deliver my hardcover, full-color, landscape product with margins low enough to keep the retail price below $40. Indeed, I had to redesign the original black-and-white paperback twice to keep its price below $20.

But when my 40th anniversary The Spawn of Fashan release became a surprise bestseller, I looked anew at the publishing possibilities offered by the world's largest bookseller (and retailer). Not only could Amazon deliver the goods far below other print-on-demand prices, but it had just launched hardcovers on select sizes. One fit my coffee table format for God's Furry Angels, with one caveat: it required a horizontal binding.

At first, that seemed impractical. It certainly goes against industry norms, opening like a calendar or a laptop instead of a traditional book. But as fate would have it, I first pondered just that sort of release early on, after a printer mistakenly gave one of my proofs a horizontal binding.

Looking it over, I thought the unique approach lent a new sense of creativity and fun to the reading process. So when I decided to relaunch God's Furry Angels, I recalled that early proof and played around with different design options until I found a horizontal one I liked. Amazon profitably produces this beautiful edition at $33.99. I can stomach that price, knowing hesitant buyers may fall back on the attractive $9.99 black-and-white paperback or the digital $6.99 black and white Kindle ebook. Indeed, my keepsake hardcover seems quite reasonable when a bucket of movie popcorn costs $9 or more!

Check it out at! And keep in mind, it just might be a collector's item, for if Amazon ever provides a vertical binding for this landscape layout, I'll replace this with a new edition!

Have a wonderful day!


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