Through angry storms, And churning seas,

Have faith, my love, I come for thee!

Blow on, ye winds! Scream all you please!

Know this, my love! I come for thee!


Oh, damn this heart That led me away!

I promise now I'll never stray!

I heard your call Riding the breeze!

I felt your wound! I come for thee!


Though mountains dark Block all I see,

I swear, my love, I come for thee!

If shadows cold Descend on me,

I'll break their hold And come for thee!


Oh, precious soul Within your breast

That gives its love And never rests!

I heard your song Among the trees!

I felt your need! I come for thee!


Oh, my love! I come for thee! I come for thee!

Oh, my soul! I heard your song! I come for thee!


And when at last Our home I see,

I'll crush your bonds And set you free!

And nothing more Will I ask or plea,

But that you forgive This fool I be!


Oh, damn this heart That took me away!

I pledge to you I'll never stray!

I heard your call Riding the breeze!

I felt your wound! I come for thee! I come for thee!

-- Words and music copyright September 2013, Kirby Lee Davis

All text, photos, artworks, and layouts

by Kirby Lee Davis

© 2020 Kirby Lee Davis

All Rights Reserved.

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