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Jonah's Song


Why should I worry so much

When You are in my life?

Your touch brings me so much joy,

And cleanses all of my strife.

Yet each day I awake with temptations anew,

Creating fears that are hard to subdue.

And sometimes I fall into traps of despair,

Wandering far from Your loving care.


Oh, Lord, I’m so foolish and blind!

Excuses to stray are so easy to find.

I haven’t the reason, or I haven’t the time,

Or I try, by myself, to make all things mine.

But I fail! 

I always fail!

And I run back to Your care,

Only to find You’ve always been there,

For me! Yes, for me!

Oh, Lord, give me strength to do all things in You,

To keep my heart Holy, my mind ever true.

And should I face the traps of despair,

Remind me that You’ll always be there

For me!

Yes, for me!

--- Words and music by Kirby Lee Davis,

based on his book "The Prophet and the Dove," 

copyright February 2012

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