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A 2019 recording with artworks by Kirby Lee Davis


Waking from a troubled dream,

It's hard to tell the vision's seam

From the loose, wind-swept shreds

Of the many tattered threads

Of my life...

Of my life...


It seems that chaos runs amuck

When the paths of love get stuck

Within the silly, mindless glaze

Of selfish lusts and half-baked praise

In my life...

In my life...


Swimming daily through this stew

Threatens to undo the glue

Struggling to uphold the ties that bind me.

To think that I could ever find

Someone who would want my mind

Seems more a lie than lies seem to me.

Oh, yeah...

What this means I can not tell,

For meanings shift within this cell

As I wage my private war

To prove I'm not a useless bore

In this life...

In this life...


I only know it never ends,

But rather blends as it rends

All the things I care about,

Twisting truth into doubt

Through this life...

Through this life...


Upon the Solid Rock I stand,

Waiting for the mighty hand

Sure to pierce the shadows that confound me.

Yet I feel so all alone,

As a seed left on the stone,

Life seems more a dream than dreams seem to me.

Oh, yeah...

— Words and music copyright December 2013, Kirby Lee Davis

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