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Hello! I’m so glad to meet you today!

I’ve been waiting for this all my life! 

There’s so many things I just can’t wait to say! 

I’ve been longing to share in this life!


Let’s start with your name! Tell me, what does it mean? 

Oh, I think that it fits you just fine! 

I can’t wait to hear how you got to this scene! 

I can tell you’re so ready to shine!


Wait! Forgive me for being this way! 

I know you’ve not seen me before.

I just get so carried away, 

And I so want to show you still more! 


Ohhh…. Na na na na na... Ohhh... Na na na na na!


I respect all the things that I sense within you! 

Your wisdom is grounded just right! 

I feel God’s love within all that you do!

You cast such a beautiful light!


I look forward to times when we just disagree. 

God made us to be who we are. 

How else will we learn from what others may see? 

Together we’ll travel so far!


Go ahead! Laugh if you will! 

Christ placed all this on my heart!

I know you’ll soon get quite a thrill 

When God’s plan reveals its art!

Ohhh…. Na na na na na... Ohhh... Na na na na na!


- Words and music copyright February 2015, Kirby Lee Davis

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