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A Timeless Valentine's Lesson

There’s a woman in the square

With red roses in her hair

And a gaze that will burn through your soul.

She descends among the trees

To cast pedals in the breeze,

All to see how they drift across the shoal.


One glides gently to the shore, to earn her smile.

One flies off to cross the sea, which fits her style.

But as the third gets caught by a playful, swooping gull,

Her great ire casts white fire from her skull.


So please learn from that roast bird,

Never mess with fortunes stirred,

Or a woman bound to learn what she must know.

Just provide her what she needs,

Love and kisses in all your deeds,

And red roses, so her eyes will never glow.


-- Words and music copyright February 2015, Kirby Lee Davis.

Drawings by Nancy Edwards Clay!
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