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Wrapped Around Your Finger

I hear you knockin’ but you can’t come in!

I hear you knockin’ but you can’t come in!

Better get yourself a’runnin’ before I bust your chin!


My friends saw you at Frisco's! Saw you plain as day!

They got the word out so your lies can’t sway!

So you better get a’runnin’ before they make you pay!


They saw you in his arms, dancing all night long!

He put a ring on your finger! They said it looked so wrong!

Now you’re beggin’ my forgiveness! I can’t sing that song!


So he left you for some other? Ha! Go ahead and cry!

If you want someone to trust you, find some other guy!

We’ve been through this too many times! Why not just say good-bye!


Oh. just stop all this wailin’! I can’t take no more!

I can see he truly hurt you! Yes, it makes me sore!

When you get right down to it, it’s always you I adore!


So you promise to ever love me. It’s our lifelong rule!

And you swear you’ll be faithful… why do I feel like a fool?

I’m just wrapped around your finger! How can you be so cruel?


— Words and Music copyright March 2017, Kirby Lee Davis

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