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Win Dingo Dango Dongo Do!

Win Dingo Dango Dungo Do! 

I have a pain, and its name is you!

Win Dango Dungo Dongo Dee! 

You have a cure, and that is me!

Win Dee, Win Do! 

You want me and I need you!

Win Do, Win Dee! 

Stop fooling around and marry me!


Win Fingo Fango Fungo Fu! 

Let’s set a date to start anew!

Win Fango Fungo Fongo Fee! 

Oh, how happy we could be!

Win Fee, Win Fu! 

You love me and I adore you!

Win Fu, Win Fee! 

This is how love’s supposed to be!


Win Hingo Hango Hungo Hu! 

I’ve got a pastor! You call our crew!

Win Hango Hungo Hongo Hee! 

We’ll say our vows right under this tree!

Win Hee, Win Hu! 

Let’s come together, thru and thru!

Win Hu, Win Hee! 

This is how life’s supposed to be!


Win Jingo Jango Jungo Ju! 

All of our dreams will soon come true!

Win Jango Jungo Jongo Jee! 

Living in love for all to see!

Win Jee, Win Ju! 

Serving each other as lovers do!

Win Ju, Win Jee! 

This is how life’s supposed to be!

Win Ju, Win Jee! 

So stop fooling around and marry - marry me! Yes, me! 

Nobody else but me!


- Words and music by Kirby Lee Davis, copyrightMay 2020

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