Why Go It Alone?

Come, come, my friend, and open up your eyes

To wonders of creation your heart ever denies.

Since birth the blind have led you deep in the abyss,

Spurred by self-ambition instead of Heaven's bliss.

But Christ still walks beside you, at your beck and call,

Ready to share the burdens that you will befall.

Why go it alone? Why go it alone?


You seek to fight your battles, believing worldly ways,

Instead of asking God for help through this earthly maze.

In your pride you've never learned to be content

With all the blessings Christ bestows for your intent.

Peace and mercy can be yours if you will abide

In the grace you'll find ever at His side.

Salvation's knocking at your door.

Salvation's knocking at your door.

Why go it alone? Why go it alone?

— Words and music copyright December 2013, Kirby Lee Davis

All text, photos, artworks, and layouts

by Kirby Lee Davis

© 2021 Kirby Lee Davis

All Rights Reserved.

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