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The Journey

You’re born into a world

Where creativity’s swirled

And everyone’s encouraged to grow.

So you stretch out your wings

And display so many things,

Yet even friends walk out of your show.


You want to cry,

And you wonder why,

Yet you know that you have to go on.

For you feel the urge

To let your soul surge

And discover what jewels it will spawn.


There’s a man at the bar

Who collects dreams in a jar

And he nods as if he understands.

He proposes a quest,

If you’re up to the test,

To seek answers in far away lands.


You fear to try,

And you wonder why,

Yet you know that you must take this chance.

For there’s so much to learn

Throughout this sojourn

Before you partake your last dance.


Each step that you dare

Brings a challenge to bear,

Revealing more you didn’t know.

And just when you think

That you’re lost at the brink

God points out a new way to go.


You whisper a sigh,

And you wonder why,

Yet you know that you must see this through.

For fulfillment, it seems,

Lies not in your dreams,

But the journey that broadens your view.


For this world, in the end,

Doesn’t call you a friend,

Just a link in the passage of time.

And the role that you played

Charts no wealth that you made

But the love that you gave in your prime.


You may want to cry,

But you won’t wonder why,

For the truth of this can’t be denied.

That this life that you drew

Was not centered on you,

But the ones who stayed by your side.

— Words and music copyright February 2015, Kirby Lee Davis

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