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Siren Song

She rose up from the tide like a sailor's dream,

Tossing long black hair with a blinding sheen.   

Her bouncing curves in those restless waves  

Dripped a liquid sun a heart truly craves.

And so emerged a fantasy... 

The kind that sets longings free!


A wistful sigh stretched across the land 

As everyone who spied her wished to win her hand.

For every soul that gazed on her lines 

Felt its will getting twisted by lust's spreading vines. 

And so rose deep envy...  

And with it their jealousy.


For in her eyes they could see real plain 

That a babe like this doesn't come without pain,

And in their fire that burst like a scream, 

They knew winning her love could get real mean.


Then came a blow as she peered against the sun, 

Striking a pose that set all their minds on stun,

For her eyes glowed with love so grand 

For a man with two kids building castles in the sand. 

And so struck harsh reality!         

The kind that breaks vanity!


With a surge of a supple thigh, 

She strode out like a goddess none could deny

And settled down with her family, 

Stirring such great joy that all could truly see

That this was where she ought to be, 

Spreading her love so splendidly!

And yet this too raised jealousy... 

Longing to feel as loved as she.

-- Words and music copyright October 2013, Kirby Lee Davis

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