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I tie my shoes most every day, but I know they won't stay that way.

Though it seems so awfully unkind, their only thought is to unwind,

No matter the occasion, and with the least provocation.

I can truly count on them to spin and flutter at a whim.

It used to really frustrate me that they sought only to be free,

But tying them became such a bore, I just couldn't do it anymore.

After all, they're just shoelaces. Silly string strung through silly shoe faces.

So I let them have their fun. I'll still be here when they're done.


Yeah, oh yeah. Ooo, hoo hoo. Yeah, oh yeah. Ooo, hoo hoo.


Funny, once I made that decision, others things laughed in derision.

My pants claimed that they're wrinkle-free. Now I know they just bent my knee.

But ironing them each and every day makes as much sense as eating hay.

And why get upset as my shirts get frayed? So's my hair. I'm not afraid.

In this life there's so much to do, over and over, and it's never through.

Wash the car. Vacuum the rugs. Change the bed. Spray for bugs.

Why let such things run my life? Does it erase even a bit of strife?

After 50 years, I'm all tuckered out. Let the dust build! I'll save another trout!


Yeah, oh yeah. Ooo, hoo hoo. Yeah, oh yeah. Ooo, hoo hoo.


Of course my Dad says I'm just a slob. He might be right. I shun some jobs.

It could explain why no one dear has graced my home in over a year.

And perhaps the ladies would like me more if my fashions weren't such a bore.

I grant Dad this. It could be true. But such thoughts may also miscue.

For some of this fits God's plan, like combing snarls and watching skin tan.

Having to eat and sleep each day disciplines you to watch your ways.

Yet the things that make life pristine fade as age makes living routine.

And jobs that grind up ever more time leave us exhausted in our downtime.


I like to think my real attention goes to things worthy of mention,

Like talking to God and spreading His love, helping solve problems, stuff from above.

I never shirk my vital chores, be they changing my oil or running the store.

But I refuse to waste my time doing things that just aren't worth a dime.

So let my shoelaces run amuck. I'll survive their reckless luck.

And if such things turn others away, I won't let it lead me astray.

For if my life stays focused on Christ, what He values will have sufficed.

And I truly doubt He cares a bit if my shirt's that cool or my car's a hit.


Yeah, oh yeah. Ooo, hoo hoo. Yeah, oh yeah. Ooo, hoo hoo!

-- Words and music copyright April 2012 by Kirby Lee Davis

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