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I Will Ever Miss You

I started to call you again today. 

I get so tickled by what God throws my way 

That I never think about you not being there, 

Until this phone reflects my empty stare.

It hurts, every time, but I’ll see it through.

I know that’s what you would want me to do.    

But I still miss you.


I always liked to gaze into your eyes! 

To see such love was a thrilling surprise! 

The words you spoke made it ever clear 

That I need fear nothing when you were near. 

That’s the first truth I ever knew.        

I still cling to that when I’m feeling blue.   

I can’t help missing you.


It was you who taught me right from wrong,  

Led me to God and sang me His songs. 

It was you who pushed me into the snow, 

Cared for my wounds, and helped me to grow.   

It was you, both of you, who showed me what this life is of.

It shined like a beacon, your faith, hope, and love!          

Such abundant love!   

You taught me to love!


These days roll by with sweet allure, 

Yet fail to offer any cure 

For a restless soul clinging to the past, 

Seeking solace that just can’t last.

I know I’ll see you again; Christ’s promise hold’s true.

That doesn’t mean I’ve changed my view.

I will ever miss you! 

-- Words and music copyright January 2017, Kirby Lee Davis

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