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I Stand Amazed

I stand amazed at the things I have seen,

The throes of birth, and death’s chill sheen!

I stand amazed at the love cast aside. 

Souls drenched in wealth, yet never satisfied!

I stand amazed at this ever-spreading hate,

Our selfish pride, and lusts that can’t wait!

I stand amazed at all the hearts stripped bare, 

The pain endured, the dreams in despair! 

The blood we spill with our words we little know,

Wrapped in anger we can’t contain,

Resisting answers to the questions we all sow,

Never learning from lessons gained!

I stand amazed! I stand amazed! 


I stand amazed at the hope that never dies! 

The weary find rest, the broken learn to rise! 

I stand amazed at the faith that still thrives! 

The peace it fuels, and the mercy it drives! 

All drawn from grace of a depth we can’t explain,

And of forgiveness we can’t define!

All gifts of love from our Father, who took our chains,

And gave His Son, our Savior divine!


I stand amazed at the things I have seen!

The lives Christ saves, the sins He washes clean!

I stand amazed at the world He redeems!    

The truth it waves, the blood it esteems!  

To feel the hearts of believers all rejoice

The day our Lord made His stand! 

To hear the faithful praise their God in one voice,

“Our great salvation is at hand!”

I stand amazed! I stand amazed!    

— Words and music copyright January 2017,

Kirby Lee Davis

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