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I'm the One

I’m the one you ignore as you pass down the street,

Chat on your phone, or skip to a beat.

I’m the one you glance over when taking in sights,

Staking your claim, proclaiming your rights.

I’m the one that you know just can’t understand

The way that you think, the goals that you plan.

I’m the one that you’re sure just won’t ever fit in your life.


I’m the one in the way of your great social climb,

Slowing you down, just wasting your time.

I’m the one you would like to see just go away,

Keep out of sight and not darken your day.

I’m the one you avoid so you need not feel shame,

Stay uninvolved to shed any blame.

I’m the one that you can’t see taking a part in your life.


I’m all this and more, as you sense in your heart.

I’m what God created, a sign of His art.

I’m the one Christ hung on the cross to save.

I’m the one whose sins He forgave.

When will you open up your eyes to see

We’re just the same, you and me?

The truth’s as simple as simple can be.

I’m you, and you’re me.

I’m you, and you’re me.


I’m the one you could count on to answer your call,

Fly to your aid when your back’s to the wall.

I’m the one to dare tell you you’re on the wrong path,

Striving to help out in spite of your wrath.

I’m the one who would love to do all of these things

If you’d just cut away your prejudiced strings.

I’m the one who believes you can do so much more with your life.


I’m the one…. I’m the one…

— Words and music copyright July 2015, Kirby Lee Davis

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