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Now hold on honey!


I’m not convinced that you’re walking!

I think you’re caught up in squawking

At all the things that you’ve been knocking  

You say I do. 

Yes, I’m catching all your saying. 

I just don’t believe you’re swaying

Anyone who hears your braying 

That we’re through.


I think maybe you’re forgetting 

All the good times we’ve been netting

And the blessings you’ll be letting 

Slip away.

I’ve been with you through the dark times

And I’ll stay with you through those hard climbs

As we cherish all the end rhymes 

On our way.


I'm Not Convinced

I’m not convinced that you’re walking.

How could I be, when you’re not talking?

You just sit there, quietly balking, 

At what I say.

But I’m glad to see you thinking 

Of all the things you’d be sinking

If you cling to that inkling 

That I’ll stray. 


Why don’t we just start out by praying 

About the vows we’d be breaking

And ask God for help in weighing 

What we need.

If you’ll recall what brought us together,

All those things that we still treasure,

It’s a love of such great measure 

We should heed.


I’m not convinced that you’re walking 

From that grin that I see stalking

Across your face as you’re clocking 

What I say.

And I’m glad to see you rocking 

To these things I’ve been hawking

It’s our future that I’m chalking 

All the way. 


-- Copyright June 2016, Kirby Lee Davis

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