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If you want to see me, just look my way.

If you want to know me, hear what I have to say.

But if you want to touch me, you’d best stay away.

I’m not here for that.


If you try to impress me, trust you won’t get far.

If you seek to entice me, you’ll be a falling star.

But if you just respect me, I’ll trust who you are.

I’m all into that.


I don’t need a lover, just a soul to call a friend,

Someone who’ll stand by me all the way.

And if that friendship grows, I’ll treasure it to the end,

And count my blessings every day.


So if you want to join me, just call out my name,

Open up your heart, and share in God’s bright flame.

Together will we travel through life’s crazy game.

I’m all in,

I’m all in,

I’m all into that.

— Words and music copyright May 2016, Kirby Lee Davis

I'm All into That

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