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Come into the Light!

You feel your world is crashing down  

With burdens sure to make you drown.

Wrapped up in fear you never hear  

How much you sound just like a clown.

You wish all things would go your way  

And when they don't, you sink in dismay.

You never see just how it could be  

If you'd try to find a better way.


You can still achieve your dreams.

It's not as hard as it seems.

Come into the light!  

Come into the light!


You always seek the easy road  

And back off from the heavy load.

Yet with little sweat you still regret  

How you never reap what you think you've sowed.

You say the world has done you wrong. 

You think it owes you for oh so long.

I'm not surprised you never realized  

This is what you get when you sing that song.


Is that what you want from life? 

Emptied hopes and days of strife?

Yet you give up without a fight.

Why not let your faith just once take flight?

Come into the light!  

Come into the light!


Yes, it's cold out there, a bitter, heartless land,

Claiming more victims every day.

Yet others with your burdens still take a stand,

Sinners, all made of clay.  

You call them hypocrites, and it's often true, 

Yet God upholds them all.

For He loves them, just as He loves you. 

He just awaits your call.  


Come into the light! 

Come into the light!

Come into the light!  

Come into the light!

-- Words and music copyright October 2013, Kirby Lee Davis

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