"An epic story."

"I could not put this book down ."

"Quite a good read!"

"Its narrative paints a vivid picture..."

"Thrills and adventure provided a gripping backdrop to the Biblical account."

ebook cover JPG.jpg

"Unique perspective of Biblical history"

"It is sheer beauty."

"It will sink into your soul."

"Everyone needs to read this book, it is light-hearted and funny, but carries a tremendous message."

"God’s Furry Angels by Kirby Lee Davis is the most beautiful Christian allegorical tale. It is timeless and deserves to be on everyone’s bookshelves."

"It is a pure delight."

"A wonderful story for children and adults alike."

"When I finished reading God's Furry Angels, I knew that I would take the message of the book with me for the rest of my life and that I was better for having read it."

"An absolute MUST READ!!"

"A perfect present for any pet lover. A perfect present for a child of God."

"An awesome read..."

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"A poignant and thoughtful tale."

"This is an enjoyable book to read, filled with humor, quirky adventures and unexpected twists and turns of life."

"Very good book. I have read this book twice. The first time I had not lost my youngest child. By the second time I had. Life's challenges either strengthen you or break you. That is basically what you will learn from this book. You will also learn that God will give you the strength to overcome even your own doubts. God bless you Kerby for writing this book."

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