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The Birthday Song

Eight years ago,

In a wondrous show,

This little girl joined our loving band.

As the days flew by,

She asked us why

No unicorns lived in our land.

And we told her,

“They’re just basking

In that glow

Your smile casts for everyone to see.

And they’re waiting

For you to grow

Into the thoughtful woman you will be.

For it takes time

To reach our prime

And understand how precious life can be.

When this we learn,

Our unicorns will turn

And join us in our joyous revelry!

So don’t you worry

When things get busy

And troubles cast dark shadows in your way.

Each hug we share,

Each time we care,  

Makes a loving gift of every day!

So dream your dreams

Along your streams  

And treasure friends and family in your heart.

And as your days

Open pathways,    

You’ll find more unicorns than you may chart,

And loved ones who will ever lift your heart.

— Words and music copyright January 2021, Kirby Lee Davis 

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