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Second Chance


Heading out 'neath a big, blue sky.

Not a cent to my name.

Don't know where my feet are takin' me now,

But it'll be home just the same.


Whatever comes, I've seen it all before.

It don't frighten me none.

All them ghosts, I've left them far behind.

Now I'm sure their day is done.


Beddin' down 'neath a bright, shiny moon.

Never felt so truly free.

Can't recall ever seein' so many stars.

The dark's friendly as can be.


Sometimes I hear them, crashing all around.

Cannons 'xplodin' to and fro.

So many brothers left layin' on the ground.

Not knowin' what they're dyin' for.


I thank the Lord for teachin' me the truth

And showin' how I stray.

God's grace and mercy, I know that's all I need

To get me thru this day.

Grace and mercy...

To get me through this day...

God's grace and mercy...


Wakin' up to a flamin' sunrise.

Leavin' all regrets behind.

From this day on, I live what I believe,

Trusting God with all I find.


Whatever comes, I'll take it like a man.

No more backin' down for me.

And if I fail, it'll rest in my own hands.

No one will doubt my integrity.


I thank the Lord for casting off my chains

And walkin' with me every day.

Never thought I'd get a second chance.

But then, I didn't know His way.

Love's way...

I didn't know His way...

God's way...

Forgiveness all the day...

Love's way....

I didn't know His way...

God's way...


-- Words and music copyright September 2013,

Kirby Lee Davis

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